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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

By Regina Kaza

Think about your typical day. What feels repetitive? Likely your day is filled with routine activities like hitting the alarm (or snooze) at the same time each morning. Maybe you commute to work, drink your morning coffee with two sugars and a splash of cream while checking emails or maybe you scroll through social media during lunch. Not a lot of excitement and you know exactly what to expect, right?

I'm not saying ditch your routine. I love routines. Routines are comforting and necessary to keep us functioning in society. Some routines can even be meditative. But routines are not creative living.

Now I will never tell you to YOLO and break free from your day job to sail away on a boat with some beautiful Italian man and live your best life (unless you want to, in which case take me with you!) But I will tell you that balancing your daily rituals and incorporating creativity into how you live your days will make you a much happier person.

Creative living is a conscious awareness and cultivation of daily life to improve, health, spiritual fulfillment, happiness and your overall wellbeing.

By consciously choosing what makes you happy daily and what you want in each moment, you can create a life you love, feel fulfilled and in full control of your happiness. And while I can go on and on about how to do this here's a few things you can do TODAY to cultivate your day and start your journey to a creative life.


You don't need to spend your entire paycheck on plane tickets to see the world. Simple things like trying a different route on your commute to work, visiting a new coffee shop or trying a new dish at your favorite lunch spot are all ways to explore the world around you. If you hate it, now you know it's not for you. You have grown from the experience! Try at least one new thing a day. You'll be surprised how much more exciting your day becomes when you open your mind to the unknown.


Take time to consciously think about your body. What you're putting in it, how it's feeling and how you're treating it. The same way a car gets you from A to B, our bodies are vessels that need care and maintenance. Before you reach for your phone in the morning to check email or Instagram, take 5 minutes to sit still and check in with your body. How did you sleep? Are you hungry? Are you ACTUALLY hungry? Is there tension anywhere? Where is it coming from? So many times we jump out of bed right into our routine without asking if what we're doing is what we actually need in this moment. Listen to what YOU need right now and start your day taking care of you.


The key to a successful career and personal development is constant growth. Learning shouldn't end when you leave the classroom and continuing to grow as humans is our responsibility to be better citizens, better friends and better loved ones. Many of us have careers and day jobs we love but that doesn't mean we need to stop thinking outside the paycheck. What are your hobbies? Ever wanted to take a pottery class? Bake cakes? Garden? We are never a complete project. We as people are constantly evolving. Keep learning, trying new things, failing, and doing it all over again. It'll make you a much more interesting person, I promise.


Heightened consciousness develops through awareness. This is done through meditation, whatever that means to you. Some people close their eyes and sit on the floor, some empty their minds while folding clothes, some doodle, drive or walk. Whatever you need to do, do it for 10 minutes in the day to empty your mind and "listen to silence." I choose to meditate in the morning before my day begins. It starts my day anew erasing the previous day and giving me a blank page. You'd be surprised how clear your thoughts become when you stop thinking.

I'm excited to write more about all of these topics and talk more about creative living! I also love stories and hearing about others' experiences of living a conscious lifestyle. Tell me how you #cultivatetheday and practice creative living!

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