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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

By Regina Kaza

Paris is best seen without an agenda and the only things on mine were cheese, wine and macarons so I knew it was impossible for me to be disappointed.

Yes, Versailles is a must-see and the Eiffel Tower lighting up at night is to-date the most magical sight I've seen in this lifetime. But my favorite thing to do in Paris are the simple things, the local things. We woke up to stroll the farmers market a petit dejeuner consisting of cheese, a fresh baguette and local cheese to enjoy al fresco near the the Eiffel Tower. Enjoying slow weekends is something I don't get enough of in New York and Paris just has a way of bringing you back to the present to enjoy the things our souls simply need to survive — carbs, cheese, and fresh air.

Whenever life gets too busy and I catch myself living on protein bars or eating lunch at my desk too many days in a row, I walk down the street to the market and pick up some brie, a nice cabernet and some assorted olives to bring myself back to the Parisian mentality. And to remind myself that life is best spent eating slowly, sipping wine and being just as you are where you are.

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