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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

By Regina Kaza

Tulum is quickly becoming a trendy destination for yoga lovers, eco-friendly tourists and luxury travelers. Whether you're visiting for a weeklong getaway to unplug or a day-trip like we were, La Zebra Hotel is worth visiting for the ultimate Tulum experience.

During our spring visit to Playa del Carmen, we day tripped to visit PDC's cooler, surfer dude cousin Tulum. This secluded beach town features bungalow hotels surrounding Mexico's natural beauty all on a coast of waters ranging several shades of blue.

If you're spending the day in Tulum, renting some beach beds at a day club where you can dine al fresco all while laying by the water is the way to go. While there are several fabulous day clubs/hotels to visit including Papaya Playa Project, Ziggy Beach and Villa Las Estrellas, we chose to spend the day at La Zebra. This hotel offers day bed rentals for non-hotel guests at only the cost of a minimum spend on food and drink during the day for about 500 pesos ($30 U.S. dollars) per person. The day beds are comfortable shaded loungers right on the beach, serviced by friendly staff who bring bites and cocktails to you while you bask in the sun. La Zebra is also currently featuring one of New York City's best pop-up mixology bars, Mulberry Project, which creates custom, fresh-fruit cocktails just like the ones in the city. This is a major game changer when selecting your beach club for the day.

Some choose Tulum as their main destination on the Yucatan peninsula but it all depends on what you're looking for. If you want to stay in a lively area that stays up late, driving distance from neighboring towns including Playa Car, Acumal and many of the cenotes (natural springs) then PDC is your place. If you want to do yoga, bike to breakfast, bring the kids and just unplug, Tulum is your getaway. There's no wrong answer, both are spectacular destinations and must-sees.

A beach day in Tulum isn't complete without some fresh seafood bites. We recommend an appetizer of the mixed fish ceviche made with fresh shrimp, octopus and fish in chile serrano oil. Order some tacos to share like the fish al pastor with black beans, sautéed onions, bell peppers and topped with roasted pineapple or the vegetarian chile poblano tacos with corn, cheese, cauliflower tempura, sun-dried tomato and cream. All dishes are served beautifully in a very nature-centric Tulum fashion which make you feel like you're truly on an island in paradise, because you are.


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